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Pizza kit 3 stack for SS2 model

USD 75.00



3.5 Kg.


Recommended accessories at discounted shipping:

  Extra set of 3 x 9.5" pizza plates ( + 15 USD)


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Good Bye to those expensive wood fired pizza ovens

Now you can Cook 3 x 9.5" pizzas with our 3 stack SS2 Tandoori Pizza kit  or 

Assemble it in minutes & start cooking

 You can cook your favourite pizzas in only 5-7 minutes in our Domestic Tandoori Oven 

Yes thats a promise!

Use our Tandoori Pizza kit in our Domestic Tandoors  to make tasty wood fired/charcoal fired pizzas at your home, no need to buy those expensive wood fired pizza ovens, just buy our pizza kit and use either wood or charcoal to make amazing chargrilled pizzas

The stacked pizza kit was a great innovative idea! We have found the pizza on the bottom tray is cooked before the top two, but we just rotate them to the bottom if need be. In fact if you have 10 or so pizzas to cook, we just take the bottom one out cycle the other two down and put a new one in the top spot. This way a cooked pizza comes out every few minutes!!


Your Pizza kit will come with:

1 x stainless steel base plate

1 x stainless steel top plate (with 3 BIG viewing holes)

3 x stainless steel rods with threads either side

1 x stainless steel small rod

Few nuts & washers

4 x stainless steel round heads

1 x wooden handle with nut

2 x brackets

3 x 9.5" pizza cooking custom size aluminium plates with SS2 kit

You may wish to purchase a few more aluminium pizza plates so you can prepare more pizza in advance.

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