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SS1 Ultima Medium Home Tandoor

USD 649.00 749.00



55 Kg.


Recommended accessories at discounted shipping:

  Gas kit ( + 150 USD)

  Doner Kebab kit for SS1 model ( + 40 USD)

  Skewer stoppers (Pack of 8) ( + 35 USD)

  2 Stack Pizza kit for SS1 model ( + 40 USD)

  Stainless Steel skewers - (Pack of 4) ( + 20 USD)

  Extra set of 2 x 7.5" pizza plates ( + 10 USD)


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Home Tandoor Model SS1 Ultima 

( Medium Size/Charcoal Fired )

Puri Tandoors brings you centuries old cooking technique in an urban avatar for your home/garden. The tandoor model SS1 ultima is our signature model with a unique & practical design. It comes with detachable side tables / skewers stand It can cater to approx 10-12 people.

 It has a hand crafted clay pot made by skilled Indian craftsmen which is housed in an elegant stainless steel casing with heavy insulation to retain the heat


The Tandoor model SS1 ultima comes with the following free accessories 

1 x SS lid with brass handle

10 x SS skewers with wooden handles

2 x SS naan bread rods

1 x naan bread cushion/Gaddi

1 x SS tandoori BBQ Grill

1 x 100% weatherproof cover to cover the tandoor with side tables

2 x SS detachable side tables / skewers stand    

1 x recipe book " Tandoor : Great Indian BBQ" By Ranjit Rai 




Height:                            22"

Diameter:                     16"

Mouth Diameter:    10"

Weight :                  88 lbs 


Dimensions diagram in the pictures above for more details

Packed in wooden crate

Packed weight & dimensions : 122 lbs, 20"x22"x27"



Pankaj Patel    19-09-2017

Love the fresh home made tandoori nans & rotis

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